Coronavirus and your home insurance: a practical guide

The states of the country are issuing protection orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which means that you will likely be spending a lot more time at home than usual. While we are doing everything we can to prevent coronavirus, we have asked insurance experts how to best protect your family with your landlord's insurance, including where to find help if you have trouble getting it this protection.

Do I need additional insurance coverage for homeowners because of COVID-19?

Home insurance policies do not cover the risk of a pandemic, but we still recommend that consumers contact their representative or insurance company for a review to ensure that they are adequately covered in changing circumstances. Our owners, health, life or car, etc.
Although the risk to the structure of your home has not changed due to the pandemic, it is a good time to reassess both your personal property and your liability insurance, especially if you work from home. br> If your home office needs special equipment or settings, you should also check with your insurance agent to cover all these costs. Many experts also recommend that you take this time to check if your personal belongings are properly covered, especially for high-value items such as electronics or jewelry, which may require additional coverage separately. If you take stock of your property at home, you can not only make sure it is insured but also show your insurer what you have lost if you ever have to make a claim.
-Take pictures of your objects
-If necessary, note the make, model and serial number
-Record a video of your room to record many objects at the same time
-Keep your documents in a safe and accessible place like your smartphone or a fireproof safe

Does COVID-19 affect home insurance claims? When inventorying your home:

Claims may be a little slower, but the insurance industry is growing. If you have a claim, submit it and be patient, ”said Walt Capell, president of the claims system. Social distancing measures oblige insurers to minimize any personal interaction. This means that the claims process can vary greatly depending on the company you work with, as you are used to. While many companies have already turned to digital tools to process and pay claims, insurers, who typically send a representative for damage inspection, now rely on online applications to investigate and process claims if possible.

Will my landlord's insurance become more expensive due to COVID-19?

Despite the huge impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has already had on our world, many experts are not convinced that this will cause a significant change in the price of home insurance in the near future. Spending and claim rates are the main drivers behind the evolution of home insurance premiums.

What if I can't afford my owner's COVID-19 insurance?

If consumers can't afford their owners' premiums right now, they have options," said Commissioner Causey. Check that your state’s insurance department has taken measures to protect consumers during this period, such as B. adjournment or grace period in response to a national emergency, or if it has given recommendations to consumers.
We also found that many of the largest insurers provide assistance to their customers affected by COVID-19. Therefore, contact your insurer in case of a payment problem. Avoid skipping a payment at all costs, as this may mean that your policy expires or is no longer in force and that you are out of vital cover.
To get the fastest help, many insurer websites recommend managing your policy through your online application. However, if you need to contact your insurer to request a payment schedule or grace period, it is very important that you communicate it even when the wait is over.